In a first skill census to be conducted to boost employment in Andhra Pradesh

VIJAYAWADA: In a first-of-its-kind initiative in India, the NDA government in Andhra Pradesh will conduct a Skill Census to identify and catalog the skills of individuals across the state.

This ambitious project is designed to promote workforce productivity by providing targeted training and increased employability.

TDP supremo and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu shared the concept of skill registration while releasing the NDA’s election manifesto. The exercise is expected to revolutionize the States’ workforce by matching individual skills with appropriate training programs, thereby increasing overall efficiency and employability of the youth.

The manifesto also promised payment of Rs 3,000 as monthly financial assistance to unemployed youth, which will be given to them till they secure jobs. This is part of the broader promise by the NDA state government to create 20 million jobs over the next five years, providing essential support to the unemployed youth of the United States.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Neerabh Kumar Prasad issued a gazette notification on Friday on Skill Registration saying that APSSDC will be the Nodal agency for conducting Skill Registration and should take immediate and necessary action.

The paper pointed out that to achieve the goal, a detailed study of the existing workforce and demographic trends will be used to design the supply scenario with objectives including assessment of skills profiles, skills needs, skills disparities (gaps), decisions of information policies and empowering individuals. .

Speaking to TNIE, Dr Birudu Ravi Babu, Scientist-C at the Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh, Vizianagaram, stated that the Skill Census, along with socio-economic pledges, highlights the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance’s commitment to skill development . employment and social welfare in AP.

These initiatives will significantly shape the future workforce and overall development of the states. The registry will identify students’ skills and, if necessary, the government will provide skill development programs to improve their employability.

Prof. BJM Reddy, Placement Officer, Adikavi Nannaya University, said: Skill registration is important in the context of aligning Andhra Pradesh’s workforce with industrial requirements and improving overall employability in the state. By bridging the gap between the skills offered by institutions and those required by industries, we can ensure that training programs match the needs of the market.

This alignment increases the effectiveness of skill development initiatives, ultimately generating employability in PA. The government should train the youth in accordance with the skill requirements related to economic growth, meeting the needs of industry and bridging the gap between academia and industry. Recognizing the different abilities of different students is essential as each student has unique talents.

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