See where gas prices have fallen the most ahead of the summer travel season

A sharp drop in gasoline prices helped lower the U.S. inflation rate last month, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ producer price index.

Gas prices fell 7.1% from April to May, according to a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, helping to reduce stubborn inflation that is creeping up on American consumers.

Filling the nozzle of the fuel gun with diesel fuel at the gas station. The price impact of the fuel crisis the cost of fuel in the transport business and the increase in energy consumption in travel on the production of the oil gas station service.

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As the summer driving season begins, lower pump prices should be a welcome relief to inflation-weary consumers, assuming the trend continues — a big guess given what’s expected to be a busy season. hurricane combined with ongoing geopolitical turmoil.

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“Demand for gasoline has been down in 2023 for most of this year, and analysts believe economic uncertainty could suppress demand this summer,” said Andrew Gross, a spokesman for AAA. Crude oil prices, which affect what motorists pay at the pump, have fallen nearly $10 since April.

AAA data shows that, since June 14, gas prices have fallen an average of 16 cents per gallon compared to a year ago. The nationwide average cost of a gallon of gas is currently $3,459.

Utah is seeing the biggest decline, down 68.6 percent from last year. The average cost of a gallon of regular on Friday was $3,449 in the state, up from $4,135 a year ago.

Western states such as Arizona, California, Washington, Idaho and Oregon saw decreases of more than 30 cents.

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“The West Coast is America’s hot spot for plummeting fuel prices, with six of the states with the biggest gas price cuts found in the region,” said Fred Harrington, CEO of coupon site Bountii. Newsweek.

Washington state had the highest gas prices in the continental US this time last year, averaging $4,832 per gallon. Drivers there are now filling up their tanks for $4,366, down nearly 50 cents from a year ago.

The most expensive gas is, as usual, in Hawaii, where the average gallon is $4.76, slightly higher than this time last year.

In addition to Hawaii, Pennsylvania ($3,661 vs. $3,653), Maryland ($3,543 vs. $3,446), Delaware ($3,462 vs. $3,396), Virginia ($3,344 vs. $3,326) and Georgia ($3,299 vs. $3,000) light) June 2023.

“The South is the worst place for gas price hikes, as three of the top four states for gas price hikes are located here,” Harrington said.

Even with faster growth, southern states are usually where drivers can find the cheapest gas. Mississippi continues to see the cheapest pump prices in the nation, currently at $2,939 per gallon on average, down slightly from $2,993 a year ago.

“This drop in pump prices seems to have some staying power right now,” Gross said. “More states should see their average drop below $3 a gallon in the coming weeks.”

Beyond the regular grade, premium and diesel are also seeing declines.

“Oil prices have fallen more on average across the country than any other fuel,” Harrington said. “Motorists nationwide now pay about $0.173 less for a gallon of diesel, while regular, midsize and premium cost $0.166, $0.130 and $0.106 less, respectively.”