An 8-week experiment reduced the biological age of 6 women by an average of 5 years How they did it


An impressive experiment that delves into how diet and daily habits can affect, and even reduce, age is trending online, and the results obtained from this experiment could lead to …

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Can it help us heal from climate-related trauma? These forest therapists say yes

Can it help us heal from climate-related trauma?  These forest therapists say yes

Every day on his morning walk, Phil Stubbs stands still for at least 10 minutes. He notices the sound of a bouncing gray kangaroo, fairy robins scurrying along the path …

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Men really CAN drink women under the table, but women can consume more steaks and sugary drinks…experts reveal how gender affects our body’s reaction to food

Due to their size and body composition, men are able to digest alcohol more quickly than women, meaning it is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly, resulting in a gradual path to intoxication.

Top nutrition experts highlight the different ways men and women process food and have recommended dietary adjustments based on your gender. Dietitians in the UK have outlined intriguing science showing …

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The 11 best exercises to tone your midsection, back and sides, according to trainers

2 Unexpected Vitamins Women Over 40 Can Take Every Day for Stronger Hair, Skin, and Nails

A strong, toned midsection, back and sides not only contribute to a sculpted physique, but also provide essential support for everyday movement and posture. Targeting these areas with a well-rounded …

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Can you gain weight with Ozempic? Experts reveal how drug can become useless… as Tracy Morgan says she gained 40lbs while taking it

Oprah Winfrey is a famous proponent of Ozempic, losing around 40 pounds with the help of the drug.

It is the blockbuster drug that is known to change weight quickly, even in those who have been struggling to lose weight and failing for years. But this week, reports …

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